Thursday, February 16, 2012

Joanna Mastroianni, Fall 2012

Fashion week brings some amazingly inconsequential elements to light. Celebrities that are trying to purport an image, wanna be models who strut around in shoes two inches too high, teenage girls and their narcissistic mother brushing their hair between shows can all be found, each more obnoxious than the next. What troubles me about this is that their need to showboat and be in the room takes away from the true meaning of Fashion Week: artistry. Joanna Mastroianni's show exemplified that meaning. Though some of the clothing was over the top and not my taste whatsoever, the underpinning of the collection resonated with me immensely. Her muse, Iris Apfel, an interior designer, business woman and fashion icon, served as the motivation for her collection. The pieces represented women who travel the world, whose journeys take them to so many worlds both literal and figurative. Mastroianni's dresses were particularly notable, especially they all black sequent numbers that were styled perfectly. Even the feathers were fun. The vibrant colors told a story that was exhilarating and nuanced; the incredible beading and the pomp and circumstance of it all was quite overwhelming. But there was a clear and emotional concept articulated thoughtfully in the clothes and a distinct perspective that was delightful, fun and elaborate. I am happy to report that Mastroianni is a true artist at work.

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