Thursday, February 16, 2012

Farah Angsana, Fall 2012

Farah Angsana's Fall 2012 collection was luxurious, opulent and magnificent. Close to the action, what captivated me most was the designer's fabric choices. Each piece was more elegant than the next, setting forth the image of a women living life with great abundance and fortune. Falling in line with many of the other designers this season, Angsana chose to depict a women on a journey. In this case, however, there was less of a literal interpretation of the journey and more of a metaphorical one. This was, in part, what was most appealing about her pieces. There were subtle moments that implied cultural variety, from the Kimonoesque coat to the Grecian silhouette. I appreciated Angsana's eye for clean lines, tailored fit and meticulous, well-structured pieces. My favorite piece of the night might have been the ocean blue goddess dress; the fabric literally danced down the runway in a magical sort of way. The subtle nod to rock and roll chic was sublime; I never know I would like fingerless leather driving gloves. The vision for Angsana's Fall 2012 collection was realized and left me wanting more, the mark of any excellent designer.

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