Saturday, February 27, 2010

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week: <span class=

Milan Fashion Week: <span class=

Milan Fashion Week showcased some beautiful pieces, especially dresses. My daughter and I thought these two, from the Fall 2010 Bottega Veneta show, were among our favorite ones.

"I like the sleeves on the purple one. There are these puffy flower things on them. I actually like her whole outfit because each thing matches. It's not like green or yellow. I like the shoes because they are high heels."

"I like her pink wallet because they have these bumpy things on it. I noticed they have dots on them. I like the pink dress because it is long and I like that it is all pink. I love that color. The sleeves are going down and you can see her real shoulder. I like that because then not all of your body is covered. I like that the dress is wavy in the wind."

We did notice that Bottega Veneta made one big mistake in their green coat and dress. We appreciated the color but the coat needs a collar and the material does not look particularly elegant. The small belts closing the coat are "weird" and don't really help with the fit or form of the jacket.

Milan Fashion Week: <span class=

Though a tad critical, it was pretty much a unanimous decision that this is a vision worthy of praise and a 5 year old's adoration.

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  1. oh, i'm so in love with that pink dress....the green jacket? smh...not so much. i'm with the junior critic on this one.