Thursday, January 14, 2010

To you, dear Haiti...

Dear Haiti,

I am deeply sorry for the devastation that has engulfed your homeland. I feel great sadness and fear for what you have endured and pray that your people find help, strength and comfort in the coming days. If I could shelter and protect you, I would, for I see the death and pain whirling about and know nothing can mend your damaged and broken heart. I know you have been plagued by so much and yet your legacy lives on in the people who carry you forward. Make no mistake, this is the mark of truly great nation.

Today, and every day, I wish you moments of great clarity. I wish you moments of silence and deep calm. I wish you all things beautiful and lovely. I wish that the sky clears, the sun abounds, and that bodies and souls find healing. I hope that children find their way to comfort and safety, even in the embrace of strangers.

We hold you up in prayer, dear Haiti.

Ever truly, ever deeply,
All of us

To help mend the devastation in Haiti, please contact the following organizations:

Mercy Corps

Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

Friends of the World Food Program



NOTE: Many local public schools are holding clothing and food drives for the people in Haiti. Contact your local schools to contribute.

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  1. thanks for posting this. the kiddies are trying to do a 100% contribution ($1 each) with the school matching it. they have been great.