Saturday, January 2, 2010


Photo: Courtesy of Gap

I've had a change of heart. For some time, I thought that super trendy children's clothing, especially for girls, was obnoxious, overstated, ostentatious and simply unnecessary. Please don't misunderstand me; I love to shop for unreasonably priced clothing for my kids, especially for my daughter. However, my heart skipped a beat when, in the middle of October, I spotted a little black marching band blazer, donned with gorgeous white embroidery and awesome bronze buttons. The pies de'resistance was the angled hem at the bottom. I was mystified, mesmerized and captivated. Where could I find this little slice of baby couture? Who was at the soul of this genius? Of course, how silly of me. It was none other than Stella McCartney.

I followed the advertisement to the babyGap on 85th and 3rd avenue and walked into the store, in a daze. My eyes darted from sweater dresses to plaid tops, passing simple and uninteresting sweatpant suits and cute little corduroy dresses. Finally, my eyes fell upon that fabulous little jacket. Like a boat builder caressing his newly molded hull, I passed my fingers along the trim, following the curves of each stitch carefully. It was a spectacular piece of clothing and an extremely thoughtful and well made garment. It was a beautiful piece with an even more clever insinuation. I considered the concept; the juxtaposition of a city kid wearing a frequently associated suburban garment was a delightful, fabulous contrast. and I wanted it. However, as life often does, I was interrupted by the price tag and did not have the heart, or the pocket, to buy this for my daughter. However, my perceptions of "trendy" children's fashion is now forever changed from that one encounter. Thanks Stella!

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  1. i do think it is so much easier to dress boys as little boys, even if my son's clothes resemble mini-versions of his dad's style (i wonder if this is more of a statement about my husband's clothes...). and i loved the stella gear for gap so much that my uterus hurt to have a girl. seriously. (the boys clothes were not as creative)


  2. love it....honest, perceptive while remaining humorous. would make any mother proud!