Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas comes early...

Oh holy night. The tree is down, the lights are gone, the presents are opened and put away, the sugar and chocolate is finally finished and the kids are fast asleep. There is a faint smell of reality lingering and I hate it. However, like any dedicated addict, I make time for the important things, like digging through the web to fall in love with all the pretty little things I cannot afford. New clothes, new jewels, new gear is popping up everywhere, like wild flowers in the cracks of a Brooklyn sidewalk. And so my Santa list grows. After all, I do have 355 days for which to plan.

I began my journey at the website of one of my favorite jewelry designers: each piece is a little drop of heaven, possessing deliberate craftswomanship, attention to detail and clarity. After perusing several pages filled with dazzling rose and white diamonds, sterling silver good luck charms and an array of pieces from collections like Sea and Sky, I once again stumbled upon the most gorgeous round pave diamond stud earrings that I have ever seen. You know small earrings are delicious when they shimmer and dance on the page despite being displayed in a tiny online photo. To be clear, I asked Santa for these, but alas, I was obviously naughtier than I realized.

My list got longer after I sauntered onto, a great online source for designer pieces and a tasteful, edgy, luxurious look book that makes my eyes water. I immediately fell in love with two pieces from Loeffler Randall: a pair of brown lace up flat boots that are tall and dreamy and are, by the way, the most perfect weekend boots I have ever seen, and a comforting, lovely black knit combo coat. And like a cheesy 1980's John Houston film, the dream sequence began. Picture this: Sunday afternoon, Brooklyn, bright sunlight on a Fall morning, my favorite American Apparel grey t-shirt, slightly torn and soft, my stretch skinny jeans from the Heritage collection at Banana, my slightly worn in lace up flat boots that magically arrived in my closet. And as I leave the building with the sun on my face and the kids in tow, I swing my Loeffler Randal coat on, worn and familiar, and head out the door.

And then I wake up. it's Sunday, I'm tired and work awaits. What can I say? When designers get it right, it's like a match made in heaven and a dream realized. Merry Christmas to me!

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  1. oh, shopbop and l. i love thee....