Wednesday, December 30, 2009

J. Mendel, I have fallen in love!

It's finally quiet; my children are asleep and my darlin' is knee deep in new games for his Playstation and all is right with the world. I finally had some time on to sift through's Spring 2010 ready to wear still photography collection and came upon a piece of clothing that is more beautiful, more engaging, and more brilliant than my daughter's first published piece entitled "Merry Christmas", which frankly was so good, I told several people that her genius rivaled that of Shakespeare and Hemingway.

Outfit upon outfit offered such a distinct, flawless, clear representation of design with intention. Each piece was crafted to hug and dance around curves. I was particularly mystified by one; a white, or perhaps even cream colored, pant suit. The slacks are a perfect warm day, slightly humid but sunny length, giving the ankles some room to breath. What captured my attention most was the jacket, which presented the world with the most textured, most meticulous, most subtle, most beautifully made lapel I have ever seen, with a deep v neck that was sexy and alluring with ten ounces of class and sophistication. It is official; this is the most well made, most coveted piece of fashion that will be seen this season. Bravo, Mr. Mendel!


  1. oh, i completely agree! i am also a fan of phillip lim's sp 2010 line, but he could put out a garbage bag and i would be in love.

    had no clue you were a fashionista expert. i am SO excited to read more on your blog. we need a latina voice in the fashion world.

  2. watching it take off and loving it. love your style. blog me more!