Monday, January 4, 2010

Brand new day

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If I ever feel cynical about the fashion industry, it is founded on one premise alone: "big" girls are left out, invisible and unrecognizable, lost in a sea of clavicle bones and tiny breasts. I am not standing on a soap box right now, this is not Speaker's Corner. However, just as Anna Wintour recognizes the validity of fashion blogs in an industry that has traditionally been wedded to the printing press, I often wonder why Chanel doesn't sell its Bi Color Wool Crepe Dress with contrasted cuffs and collar from the Fall 2009 collection in a size 12. From a business perspective, this industry stands to make more revenue than it could have ever imagined if more designers crafted clothing that pushed pass ordinary assumptions about normality to make fashion forward, beautiful clothing for curvier creatures. (Rachel Roy, i love you for making beautiful clothing in a size 12. bless you!) Clearly this critique in no way changes my appreciation for all things beautiful but it does keep visionary fashion designers at an arms length distance.

Instead of fixing for the words that might enlighten and to avoid the box of soap that is tattered and worn, I offer this post as an ode to fashionable, elegant, real women who are getting some love from the industry. To all like minded, in body and spirit, forward-thinking folks, this is a small reminder that doors sometimes open, winds can change their course and tides may soon be shifting. Make no mistake, this photograph is worth a thousand words. Enjoy!

V Magazine Issue 63 ‘Curves Ahead’ :Plus -Size Gals Get Some Editorial Love

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  1. amen!

    what particularly bothers me is when a magazine decides to dedicate an issue to "plus-size", it becomes this novelty that is revered and then forgotten about the next day. what i would like to see is a conscious and committed effort to highlighting women of all sizes in amazing and beautiful clothes.

    i would also like to see fashion bloggers who display pics of their style who are not size 0. as much as we would like to think that 'real women' are blogging, the ones getting attention are just as emaciated as runway models.