Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a first...

It's 7:42am on December 30th, 2009. I was awakened by my son, hands clasped around my neck, wrestling with me, the sheets, my old pillow and the morning sunlight that was barely awake, to get out of bed. I stumbled out of bed, slight headache in tow, as if I was at some fabulous loft party last night where i drank too much champagne. Some cold water, some apple juice and a diaper change and I am ready for the day. The only reason I can type this much is because my two kids are watching Blues Clues.

The past few weeks have been busy; Christmas shopping, spending too much money, getting papers done, spending time with family and friends. I managed to steal a few moments here and there to delve into my greatest distraction of all time: fashion. My last reading: a New York Times online article entitled: Bloggers Crash Fashion’s Front Row. Interesting perspective on the role of fashion bloggers, especially when they are competing for front row seats. I love that fashion is being demystified, hence my inspiration to write a little ditty now known as "GREEN EGGS AND GLAM".


  1. i saw anna wintour speak at the 92y and she discussed the fashion world's relationship with bloggers. very interesting, given that vogue has been slow to get onboard. but she seemed sincere about wanting to work with fashion bloggers more...

  2. it makes me sad that vogue is so slow in the game... after seeing september issue, i am not surprised, though i did ADORE the film. how did you find out about her speaking engagement? would have loved to see that.

    thanks for the comment!

  3. i'm not sure why my previous comment didn't show....anyway, i subscribe to the 92y newsletter and jumped at the chance to see ms. wintour speak. i'll drop you a line if she does again.

    and i'm sad that i missed 'september issue'. i might pick it up on dvd....