Saturday, October 15, 2011

H&M's Conscious Collection

In its second season, H&M's Conscious Collection takes on a chic, bold aesthetic that is a thoughtful and deliberate combination of separates, dresses, booties and overall wearable looks. There is a clear shift from the prototypical eco-friendly styles that often hang limp and sad from the hangers and store windows. This twenty four piece line encapsulates all the major trends: lace, floral prints, booties and sequent detailing. I appreciate, however, that with the right styling these looks can take on new and original forms, which at the end of the day is what makes this so perfectly marketable and so wonderfully fashionable. Ranging from $15 to $99, these embellished and feminine pieces made largely from organic cotton and recycled wool, step into the fall boldly, capturing the imagination and the hearts of shopaholics like me. Rest assured, some of these pieces will be hanging in my closet, standing out as that garment that can bring the right punch and vitality to any woman's wardrobe.


  1. Did you see that there was a behind the scenes film from the shoot of this campaign at H&M´s website? It´s really nice actually.

  2. I get this kind of Jil Sander feel from this.. I don't know why. Regardless, this is quite fab.. Need to get one of those nude shortsuits xx

  3. Beautiful selection. Love the printed boots, I wish I'll find similar ones.