Monday, June 27, 2011

Ksubi: Bewear, Wear

Ksubi, an Australian company founded by surfers named Dan Single, Georgeo Gorrow, Paul Wilson and Oscar Wright, worked to re-imagine the traditional, more conventional notions of jeans. The result was, over time, incredibly rich and opulent clothing; pieces that could be found alongside those of Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs. With collections carrying titles like "One Via Zero" and "Said the Rainbow to the Apocalypse", Ksubi's most recent line, "Beware, Wear", attempts to consider the impact of urban decay and the regiment of culture on trends in society. The design house pushed to incorporate a diverse range of textiles while playing with color, layering and deconstruction. The idea of camouflage is essential to each piece in the collection, an interesting attempt to articulate one's need to mask and create illusions through fashion. The color palette does the same, as colors like slate, smoke, moss and deep plum reflect the ruddiness and and complexity of life in a this ever changing, ever volatile world in which we live. The audacity and perspective in this line is striking and beautiful, a great juxtaposition that bodes well for future endeavors.

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