Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cynthia Rowely's Resort Wear

Cynthia Rowley brings together her love of art and fashion in this year's Resort collection. Her bold, daring and deliciously honest color choices were inspired by a thoughtful abstract painter by the name of Josh Smith. He crated a life-size painting of a dinosaur to serve as the centerpiece to Rowley's production. And it did the trick. Rowley stepped out of the norm by working with Reed + Rader to produce a video lookbook for this line, which served as a nice juxtaposition against the the antiquated dinosaur backdrop. In it, two models don the clothing with simple intensity, as the clothing depicts that supple and bright hues inspired by Smith's dinosaur. One of my favorite looks is a dramatic, brilliantly boastful yellow cutaway skirt couples with a silk T-shirt. Her accessories are another extension of Smith's painting, as the "Dino" tooth pendant hangs around the collars and necklines of a multitude of pieces. . The white dress with a splash of Jackson Pollackesque orange is stunning and graceful. I applaud this super creative, intelligent Resort line that shows great craftsmanship and passion.


  1. i love the cutaway skirt look so much, that i have been thinking about having a tailor chop away at 1 of my cheapy f21 maternity skirts. its such a great shape....

  2. cool :)


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  4. loving that yellow skirt its amazing!!! xx

  5. Amazing collection, that yellow skirt is gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful collection!


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  8. I like the assymmetry of the yellow skirt, it feels fresh. Also, the background is great.

  9. i love the yellow skirt

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