Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dolce and Gabbana: In store and on the runway

Typically, Milan Fashion week is almost too fabulous for me. There is a lot of glitz, a lot of glam and some of it is, frankly, in bad taste. Up to this point, I was firm in the belief that I would never (and could never) dress myself in Dolce and Gabbana. I have a slight bias against all of the women in Miami who wear the clothing terribly and always show more skin that is appropriate. Despite my stereotypical and judgmental assumptions of South Beach sweeties, I do see and appreciate the authenticity and genius behind the design house and revel in the historical relevance of its founder, god rest his soul. So you can imagine that no one was more pleasantly surprised than me when I found myself falling in love with the Fall show, presented in perfect taste by Garance Dore. The pant suits are particularly fantastic, as are the contrast in color, fabric and detailing. I love the play on androgyny as well. Staring into these photos, in my own fantasy, I found myself wearing pant suit after pant suit to all the different fabulous occasions I might have in the future. And it was nice to see that there is also something wonderful happening in the Milan store, which was documented poignantly by Kelly Frammel. The floral dresses are pretty, light and lovely as is the use of white and cream colored lace. I am turning a new leaf here; maybe D&G defies all my ignorant stereotypes and falls in my fashion repertoire after all.


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