Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clutch me...,

I have a new found love for the clutch purse. My first one was gifted to me from a friend who, after a trip to Buenos Aires, brought home a bag for each one of her girlfriends and I happened to luck out and get the hottest one. Highly impractical, there is something so desirable about a clutch; it offers the perfect accessory to an otherwise imperfect ensemble. It can take on a look and life of its own, almost the way a blank canvass has the potential to be whatever it wants to be. The over sized clutch looks great and poses an art portfolio panache that screams unique individuality and audacity. Though affording the fabulosity that walked the streets of New York and Milan during fashion week is near impossible, I plan on making a trip to American Apparel; there is a camel clutch with my name on it.


  1. I am liking the top two
    ~the idea of caring around your belongings in a brightly colored fabric rectangle is oddly attractive !

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