Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Fashion forward is a lot like the daring New Year's resolutions that we make on all the January firsts we have endured. Take better care of ourselves, exercise, stop eating carbs and candy, fit into those skinny jeans from 2 years ago, live life dangerously, read more, fall in love, break up with that terrible boyfriend; the list goes on and on. Designers need to take certain plunges in 2011, step forward with a bit of tenacity, audacity and clarity. Clothing needs to make a more dramatic statement, for the masses are tiring of the generic Gap, Club Monaco and Banana Republic's of the world. I do hope to find some greater risks taken on the clothing front so that on the day I decide to live my New Year's resolution out loud, I have the proper outfit to accompany my better, more intelligent, healthier self.

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