Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Graceful, elegant and daring women are often lost in the shuffle of trendy folks who walk the streets as almost billboard cookie cutter representations of would be super models. I am exhausted by the same looks, the same styles, the same images over and over again. I so very much appreciate when people take something fresh and make it their own. I love when women and men adapt the clothes to them rather than internalizing the essence of the clothes to fit a character or trend. The joy that comes with wearing clothes, rather than those clothes that wearing the person, is palpable and vivid. I see it in the eyes of my daughter when she feels comfortable, confident and beautiful. I see it when I look in the mirror at a smiling face, an upright posture and a glimmer in my eye. This is fashion at its best.


  1. thank you!
    "spirit of fashion"

  2. Viviana is always smiling, which I find makes her so radiant. :)