Saturday, November 6, 2010


Vogue magazine recently did a piece on great coats for the season and, funny enough, researched every element of the 8 coats they profiled, including their literal weight. I never reflected on this before, but the heavier the coat, on both our wallets and our bodies, the more burdensome it is. How many times have I been shopping or traveling, moving in and out of heated spaces, only to be forced to carry my coat on one arm. And while my triceps need the workout, my lifestyle does not. I have enough to carry with my bag, my two and a half year old son and his demands, and my daughter's relenting love and frustration with life. The thought of purchasing a well-crafted, fitted, stylish, elegant coat that also happens to only weight 3-4 pounds seems rather appealing to me. Of all the coats I read about, Michael Kors' charcoal gray coat, weighing in at 4 pounds, was the most appealing to me. However, I wonder if even this means I am too much of a slave to fashion. Isn't is possible to find a coat out there that weighs less than that?

Weighing in at a mere 2 pounds, Marc Jacob's gray double breasted coat is the perfect competitor. It is equally as dashing, a splash more form fitting and almost three times the price. Alas, maybe when I figure out how much energy I have left after a day of shopping and mommyhood, I will weigh my options and choose the lighter weight coat the get me through the winter.

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  1. I smiled throughout the entire post. Talk about a dilemma between function and fashion.