Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love Chanel

I haven't watch a purely romantic love story in a long time. But after watching one this evening, I realized that so much of the fantasy we desire can be expressed in clothing. Whimsy, color, delight, passion and beauty all lie beneath the surface of a garment, waiting to be revealed to the world. Much like true love, clothing can carry the emotion of the masses, the designer, of the ostentatious and the obscure. It can tell a story full of longing, lust and adoration; it can tell a story of unrequited love, of loss and of yearning. There is none more magical this season than Chanel's Sp 2011 line. With each piece, I was completely moved and enchanted. They were beautiful, elegant, daring and aspiring. Each one told a story more mystical than the next; fantasy was present in each and every stitch and line. This is the making of a great storyteller and an even more amazing designer.


  1. I Love this post!!!))) Chanel super chic!!!)))
    Very nice blog!!!

  2. Chanel siempre mas de lo mismo, necesito inovacion!!