Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barneys in Brooklyn

I think a love story is about the begin. Not the prototypical kind, with long kissing scenes and angst-filled phone conversations. This one is a love affair between the Brooklyn's most fashionable hood and Barneys COOP, which just opened on Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill. What I love about this is that Barneys COOP fits perfectly into the gestalt of the neighborhood. There are some incredible boutiques, Bird is among my favorites, and though Barneys is a huge chain, the COOP is a perfect off shoot of the mainstay. It belongs here.

Needless to say, I though I was in heaven when Urban Outfitters moved in up the block last year. Now, all fashion is possible and, most importantly, I no longer need to go into Manhattan for anything. The only thing I am waiting for is a Whole Foods and the stars, as they say, will all be aligned.


  1. That sounds so exciting!! It's great when your shopping destination is near you! xoxoxoxoo

  2. I think so too. Cute blog. Come to mine when you have time.