Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen's line for Target has almost arrived (April 25th). His pieces look to me to be some of the best in the ongoing, special edition, high end designer collections done specifically for Target. I deeply appreciate that Target has made high end pieces accessible for the every day woman, though some designers have done better than others. In a recent trip to Target, babies and hubby in tow for our monthly diaper and such shopping trip, I noticed that Jean Paul Gautier had a tiny, unassuming section in a rather large woman's department. Hanging beneath a really cool and funky sign donning the designer's name were three bathing suits, one more tacky than the next, and several unimpressive t-shirts. I definitely expected more from Gaultier, whose aesthetic is known to be edgy, bold and alluring. I was also surprised since I felt a rather impressive precedent had been set by the pioneer of the Target designer lines, Issac Mizrahi. He presented, season after season, some of the prettiest blouses, skirts and dress, all of which were desirable and appealing. Alas, while I was disappointed by my recent visit, I was excited to see Posen's line which, after looking at only a few pictures, will undoubtedly make my next baby accessories trip to Target a bit more costly.

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  1. i stayed up way too late last night (like, midnight), so that i could purchase the brocade dress on the right. i missed out on the very fly belts, but i might swing by my local target tomorrow and see if they have them.