Thursday, April 15, 2010

Story time...

Excellent, unadulterated photography captures a moment in time and inspires. In shooting this piece for Vogue Pelle, The Sartorialist caught a moment that struck me. With this, he wrote the perfect opening line to an inevitably lovely story. Here's the rest of it.

The wind and setting sun at her back, she leaves the beachfront where she dwelled, all afternoon, in search of photographs to bolster her already voluptuous collection. It is almost the end of the summer, her sun-kissed cheeks tired from days filled with running errands, walking the dog, shopping for that night's dinner and long walks on the beach she loved so dearly, with an occasional dip in the blue green waters to cool off. All the while, she took pictures to mark the passing hours, to illustrate her days and nights, however subtle or quiet they were. She was a loner, and not. Her bike her best companion, she traveled lazily by day, going about her business with an ease and grace that was envied by so many. She carried many things and yet seemed unburdened by it all. Though it was the end of her day, and the end of her time near the beach, she decided to take one last glimpse at the water before heading home, her basket and bags filled with the evening essentials and her favorite scone, the perfect companion for her morning tea before packing up and returning to the city. Though she knew not what awaited her there, and felt some anxiousness as a result, she was set on taking in this last moment. While on her final ride home, she remembered the taste of fresh, mouth watering fruit, the smell of lilies, the decadent laughter of friends, the soft sand beneath her toes, all so carefully and deliberately stored in her memory and in her camera lens.

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