Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rings and hats and jewels, oh my!

Finding the right accessories can be a challenge but this spring/summer seasons seems to offer a plethora of amazing pieces that will enliven any simple outfit. I find accessories to be my best friend; they offer edge and style to what can otherwise be an every day, uninspiring outfit. Having two small children often translates to rushed mornings and moments of awesome chaos. I am of the mind that I still want to look good, be stylish and feel confident. Typically, when I add a few great bracelets or a stunning necklace to jeans and a t-shirt, I feel better, feel prettier and more put together. Though not everyone can get away with them, I am all about the cute straw hats that are chic and in vogue, especially when you need to cover a not-so-wonderful, mommy morning hair day. Check out J Crew's newest collection by jewelry designer Dana Lorenz, Urban Outfitters for picture pefect hats, Nicholas King for bold bracelets, and for great necklaces and rings. In the meantime, even when you're in a rush, put on an armful of bangles before dashing out into the world. If nothing else, the clanging sound of the metal will be music to your ears.

1 comment:

  1. i have been eyeing the gold chunky ysl ring that is sold out everywhere. its sadness. i am hoping that the birthday fairy will be good to me this year and hook it up. i've also been thinking about incorporating lightweight scarves back into the daily wear....