Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Babylady Inc.

Kat West, a chic, down to earth, Brooklyn mom and clothing designer, is about to debut her first line of children's clothing under the alter ego and awesome name, Babylady Inc. After meeting Kat during fashion week and being floored by her genuine sincerity, smarts and incredibly flawless style, I became a Facebook fan of Babylady, Inc. This week, Kat's samples arrived and she will be shooting the first official lookbook for her line. Impressed by what I saw, and excited about making several purchases for my own daughter, I asked Kat to answer a few interview questions and she graciously agreed. Here are some of the highlights:

Has your interest in fashion been a life long passion? If so, what has contributed to it?

My interest in fashion has definitely been a life long passion. My mother is a toy designer, so for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by creativity and resourcefulness. As I got older, love for music played a big part in my creativity. Going out and dancing created this surreality that gave me the confidence to dress the way I wanted and then eventually make clothes that reflected how I felt. For me it was always performance art - an extension of my mood.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

I have so MANY favorite designers, but I would say my top choice would be Martin Margiela. His work is just absolute fabulosity!! He never wanted his picture taken. He didn't want the fame; he just wanted to make wearable art, and so he did. I'm in such awe of him and his philosophy. Margiela took everyday clothes and pushed the limit on ways to wear it. His clothes can say nothing or say everything.

What was your initial inspiration for the Babylady line?

My initial inspiration for Babylady is my daughter, Vivian. I wanted her to wear simple yet fun and sophisticated clothes, a lot like the clothes that I would wear. So, last summer, I made us matching draped gingham pants and we would walk around Brooklyn. People definitely took notice. It was fun and funny at the same time.

When designing, do you have a particular child in mind or is your goal something more universal?

When I design, I think of children universally. I see our clothes as very playful and dreamy, and yet comfortable. And what child isn't playful and in a dream like state all the time? But I do have to say that these designs also target the children living in adults - the pieces are sophisticated yet so wearable. I would definitely wear each piece in this collection if I could have it in my size and know my friends would too!!

Do you consider proportion, fit and line when designing for kids they way one would design for adults? If so, what elements of proportion, fit and line went into these clothes?

I definitely consider proportion, fit and line when designing for kids. There is a purpose for every drape and seam, much like I would include in adult designs. These clothes were designed with a playful adult in mind. "Babylady: the baby who was a little lady, and the lady who dressed like a chic little baby..."

Out of all the pieces in this first line, which one is your favorite and why?

This question is such a toughy because I love them all. I do love the Wing Dress. It's so simple, playful, and sophisticated - it's the epitome of Babylady.

(Wing Dress)

Kat's pieces will be available in the Fall of 2010. Become a fan on Facebook and check out her website:

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