Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow White

Givenchy, Sp. 2010

Stella McCartney, Sp. 2010

Narciso Rodriguez, Sp. 2010

The snow is beautiful and blustery. Alone in the quiet, I find myself thinking about how pristine, graceful and beautiful the color white is. As the snow gathers in pure form atop trees and brownstone stairs, I am reminded of Santeros in Cuba dancing in long, white dresses that whirl and whip about as ceremonies call for the mercy of the Gods. I am reminded of layers of white taffeta, silk and chiffon cascading down church aisles, walking into love. I am reminded of some of the best moments in the Spring 2010 shows.

Givenchy's layered lace dress has incredible detail; the fabric is breathable and dazzling, possessing a life of its own. It calls out a clear point of view while remaining beautiful, delicate and feminine. In contrast, Stella McCartney's white pant suit is a more structured, confident and bold statement. The fabric is a balance of structure and fluidity, which directly reflects the nuance of the suit. Lastly, Narciso Rodriguez took a risk when designing a dress that embodies both an angelic, ethereal feel with a fine, tailored, more reserved foundation. Somehow the two worlds collide and create one flawless piece that stands independent and clear-minded.

In short, Spring lines provide the audience with a marriage of natural and pure elements and the chic, profound skill that is fashion design, the best of both worlds...


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