Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Bag

Its Saturday night, my son is still awake, and I am coping with the anticipated second round of baby versus mommy by looking for pretty things online. In an instant, when I stumbled upon NY Times Style Magazine's piece on ABK custom leather craft, I was transformed to a moment, 16 years ago, at the counter of this small, dimly lit, leather shop in New Hope, PA, not too far from a babbling brook and lovely little wooden bridge. It was there that I had my first stab at design and my subject of choice: A LEATHER BAG. I flipped through patches and patches of leather and decided on a dark, smoky, buttery to the touch brown. I fingered hundreds of latches and buckles till I found the perfect hardware to compliment the look. After contemplating pockets, strap lengths and even where my initials would be inscribed in the bag, I left with the most awesome feeling of accomplishment. And as I noticed the incredibly detailed work that went into making one single bag, a growing appreciation grew inside of me. ABK custom leather craft is a new addition to a seemingly old trade that stands on centuries of craftsmanship, hard work and design. These two pieces are stunning additions to the world of thoughtful, well meaning accessories that will no doubt make Mommas (and non-Mommas) like me very happy.


  1. I love those! So cute. They look sooo...I don't know...buttery, smooth,and awesome vintage?:)

  2. this is beautiful....i have yet to do this, but would love to have a leather bag made for me....