Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tre Chic!

I was surrounded by some amazing accessories at the Chictopia 10 Fashion Bloggers Conference in NYC today. Stilleto heels ran amuck along with some dazzling owl and snake inspired rings. Fitted dresses and chunky sweaters accompanied sleek and slender blazers atop skinny jeans and miniskirts. Studded leather bracelets were abounding and hats, headbands and bows adorned the most fashionable heads around. I did notice, however, that among the somewhat cliche Marc Jacob and YSL bags were a few handbags that stood out. One in particular caught my eye. From the look, structure and craftsmanship of the piece, it was clear it belonged to none other than the thoughtful design company TreVero. Check out their Fall 2009 bags on line at I want one of each!


  1. The blue bag is amazing! Personality and beauty together.

    Leila Silva

  2. i love these too...but i hope you weren't talking about my marc jacobs bag! hahahaha....