Friday, February 12, 2010

Visual Art 101

The artist, age 5, is reaching beyond her scope into collage art. This piece, erected in February, 2010, wrestles with notions of beauty and fashion in the clearly urban, somewhat utopian world. There is a clear vision, perspective and a divine use of color. This is indeed a masterpiece to behold! (I'm so proud, I could burst!)


  1. this is just awesome. i want one too, ok?


  2. that really is extraordinary: i don't know if the (5 yr old) said artist intended this to happen, but it feels as if the model is peering thru a lavender curtain out on a stage. did you notice that, too?

    what a cool name for a post. just found you thru your comment on my facebook page: thank you for joining! hope to hear from you again andrea ; )

    jill @ street style london

  3. love the future dre-ista :) hope all is well hermie!