Monday, January 11, 2010

Truly Graceful

Sunday night. The lights are low. The babies are sleeping and I am swallowing the silence whole, sort of. As my man destroys the enemy in "Call of Duty", and the bullets fade into a melodic backdrop, I find myself anxiously awaiting the most fabulous red carpet event of the year, after the MET Costume Ball, of course. Oscar season is upon us, and beyond the fact that there is an Oscar bet at work so fierce that it rivals the brackets during March madness, I find myself perusing the top films of the year that truly speak to my palette as a film aficionado. Truth be told, part of my passion is for the art of film and the art of good popcorn. My husband and I spend most of our free time, which is not much, at the movies. We are junkies for movies of all genres. I am just as much of a fan of dreamy documentaries as I am of mainstream, big Hollywood action flicks and "unpc" comedies.

After some thoughtful, soul-searching contemplation, I am now ready to claim that the best film of the year is, in no uncertain terms, September Issue, a thoughtful and beautifully shot piece by filmmaker R.J Culter. Now, I know it may seem cliche but this movie spoke to me on so many levels and, moreover, it taught me about the most brilliant creative mind in fashion to date: Grace Coddington.

Ms. Coddington's work is subtle and overt, it claims no ridiculous trend for trend sake but unearths a trend in the context of what is chic, stylish and, most importantly, aesthetically beautiful. Her photos tell stories so unique to the very moment she helps capture and create: a twinkling eye, the curve of the spine, a delightful smile or a perfectly soft and sweet neck balancing a chignon. These details have produced some of the most alluring photo stories I have seen. Clearly, I can in no way do her work justice. I simply bask in her glow emanating from the page and wait, baited breath, for the next stroke of genius.

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