Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A bag by any other name...

The design house known as Proenza Schouler began in 1998 with inspiration from the most crucial, awe-inspiring and dynamic duo imaginable in the lives of its designers: their mothers. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCoullough's mothers are known to be the source of innovation and creativity behind these incredible fashion thinkers whose perspectives has shifted our notions of fashion in progressive and thought-provoking ways. Thankfully, Hernandez and McCoullough started a new line of accessories with the same gusto and passion they put into their clothing.

It may seem overstated but I think this bag could possibly change my life, or should I say that my life would need to changed in order for me to have this bag. At a whopping 1,995$, this beautifully crafted messenger bag, one of the many in their relatively new handbag line entitled PS1, brings the fashion lover and mother in me to tears. Most notably, this classic satchel offers room for any city dwellers paraphernalia: a somewhat clunky cell phone that doubles as an i pod and a planner, an overly sized wallet, a small journal, a nearly destroyed morning edition of the ny times, a container of mints, several pairs of sun glasses, a scarf and or cardigan for cold rooms, and for women like me, an occasional diaper, onesie or rattle. When I eye the structure of this bag, I appreciate the tailoring that is done, for the stitching has a mind and destination all its own. The brass colored lip in the front is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine hardware which would happen to look fine even if a 5 year old were to get her hands on it and drag it down the corridor, let's say. The apparent shape of the bag, which is both subtle and bold, speaks volumes to its design and versatility. It's rare one finds perfection in an accessory. But when it happens, it is magical.