Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stella McCartney Resort 2013


Few designers know how to set a mood like Stella McCartney can. Ever since her arrival on the scene as an independent entity in 2001, McCartney dared to dream up colors, lines and structures that would make any girl quiver with delight. Evidence of her evolving genius was clear in her Resort 2013 presentation, one that took on a life of color, fantasy, childhood and celebration. Ironically set in Marble Cemetery, in New York's East Village, this star studded garden party showed spunk, and a self-effacing sensibility I find desperately lacking in the fashion industry. Exuberant, bold prints and colors matched with feminine and masculine structures helped establish the tenor of McCartney's work, which has emerged as distinct and deliberate. The daring floral uniformity, combined with distinct contrasts, tells a story worthy of models, mommies and little girls alike. This collection represents the aesthetic and perspective that remains clear in McCartney's designs. Her playful, elegant approach is yet another notch on her already exceptional belt. Nicely done.

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