Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rag and Bone Fall 2012,

Rag and Bone's Fall 2012 line is amazing amalgamation of prints and leather, layered with great deliberation and nuance. The leather trimmed coats and bottoms are outstanding; they create hard edged masculinity and luxury at the same time time. I love the use of navy and black throughout the collection, and the slouchy black leggings and pants add a casual element that is wearable and manageable for the every day woman. The warm, wrap around, Navajo inspired coats are chic and urban while giving a nod to Western culture. Belts are a consistent accessory that serve to make each ensemble feminine, accentuating the waistline perfectly. Here is another amazing accomplishment for Rag and Bone.


  1. One of my favorite collections. Great blog!

  2. great as always!