Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jil Sander, Fall 2012

Raf Simons is the talk of the fashion town right now. His final collection for Jil Sander was a manifestation of years of work, focus and imagination. Simons spent his career at the fashion house making magnificent clothes that resisted the tides of tradition and trends and offered a new, clean, fresh perspective of both color and design. His knowingly shapeless pieces, in contrast with incredible tailoring, offered an amazing juxtaposition to his work. Of the first to employ bright, bold colors on the runway, Simons has been a trend setter and a marvelous fashion visionary. His Fall 2012 collection tells a love story, one that is complex, often broken, and marvelously beautiful. The literal and figurative elements to his work were wonderfully composed and served as an incredible final show. This masterful exit will undoubtedly open new and wondrous doors for Raf Simons. Hats off to an amazing artist.

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