Monday, January 2, 2012


Sunglasses are a staple in the fashion world. It is an accessory that can transform the face, a look and imply a seduction that most accessories cannot. I appreciate the face more when someone wear shades; it's like I have to look harder, and even thinker deeper, about the person. It raises so many questions, as there is an inherent mystery and allure in wearing sunglasses. Those who wear shades exude a confidence and sass. I hope designers look to play with shapes and color in the glasses they produce and here's hoping for a sunny 2012!

Also, I am thrilled to celebrate Green Eggs and Glam's second birthday. Thanks for the love everyone!!!!

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  1. i know people are torn but i like my shades large. very very large. go big or go home kinda shades. or, as my little cousin once told me, "glasses that make me look like a bug".

    happy 2nd bday ge+g!