Monday, January 23, 2012

Christian Dior Pre-Fall

The Christian Dior Pre-Fall pieces are magnificent, to say the least. The level of sophistication and taste is outstanding. The color story is meticulous, clean and subtle. I am in love with the many skirts in the collection, particularly the length of the skirts, which are so unbelievably flattering on all figures. The slight and simple accessories add such a regal feel to each and every outfit. There is a bit of genius here that makes me excited about next fall.


  1. Alone, I like the collection but as soon as I see that it is Dior, I immediately fall back on the fact that 'genius' for Dior is on a more elevated level than most 'genius' is with regards to John Galliano. The fact that he is no longer the brains behind this collection is a major downfall. This collection cannot be deemed genius when you have been spoiled with previous collections under his label that has truly deserved the title of 'genius'. (granted, Galliano was, indeed, fired for a good reason)

  2. love these images.

    and the title of your blog is pretty badass.

  3. I love all stuff from Christian Dior.

    This is awesome.