Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Fell Swoop,

Accessories make the woman. I have dabbled with enough jewels to make this assertion. In fact, I stand behind it wholeheartedly. I believe that with the perfect accessory, an outfit, an evening, a moment can be transformed. We might feel prettier, more elegant, more guarded or more empowered. Necklaces in particular have a way of highlighting a woman's most desirable feature- the collar bone. Set into the landscape of the neck, a choker, a bib, a series of layered necklaced can bring attention to the most sensual part of a woman and can make her look sparkly, invigorated and opulent all in one fell swoop. As the holidays approach, I am hoping that some such bedazzling sight stands under the tree for me this year, if I am lucky enough.


  1. i won't even admit to the number of "wouldn't this be great for me for christmas?" emails. 90% are mega-necklaces. no dainty things for me. my theory on jewelry? go big or go home.


  2. Love your blog! so awesome))
    Follow you! Maybe we can follow each other with Google Connect and Bloglovin'?

  3. Love love love those coloured skulls. Amazing. xo