Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pamela Love-Fall 2011 Collection

When true artistry exists, it is undeniable. Pamela Love is a perfect of example of when genius, creativity, and sheer authenticity come together. Her work is dynamic on so many levels. She has a vision, something that is clearly identifiable. There is nothing revisited or recreated; her pieces are original and organic. Her metal work is outstanding, illustrating an incredible eye for detail and her understanding of color and contrast is near flawless. I love when designers are willing to take risks and Love's most recent Fall collection is no exception. She plays with shapes in interesting and thoughtful ways and she embodies the notion of interconnectedness through some vivid and distinct pieces. I am deeply moved by her work; I have not doubt they will grace the display cases in museums to stand admired and appreciated.


  1. i have to admit that after her claw necklace + bracelet, i've never been a big fan....have you checked out lulu frost yet? love love love (and not just b/c j + i know lisa salzer)


  2. Absolutely stunning!