Monday, October 10, 2011

Skirts Galore,

A great fitting skirt is something that is always worth the money. I have to say that I purchased my first really great fitting skirt this summer during my shopping extravaganza for the fall. It is a burnt orange, light wool pencil skirt from J.Crew that fits like a glove and is the perfect pop of color on a fall afternoon. But more importantly, it makes me feel elegant, is the perfect length for work and play and makes me stand out without shouting out "Here I am!". I always think that understated sass and sensibility is the mark of a great fashion piece. It can be matched with any number of tops, sweaters, button downs and belts and goes with pretty much any shoe, sans the sneaker perhaps. And finding the perfect skirt that does all things is the perfect antidote to an otherwise gloomy day.


  1. i have a love/hate relationship with skirts. i love buying them but when i reach for outfits in the morning, its always a dress or pants. i tend to ignore my precious skirts. but maybe i will be more sensitive to their place in my fashion rotation.


  2. That snakeskin skirt in the second pic is sooo incredibly beautiful. What a statement piece!