Saturday, September 10, 2011

My First Time: Fashion Week

I stood before the letter 8 with nervous anticipation, like a child awaiting Christmas morning. The number 8 is often associated with infinity, and it felt like it took that long for a little girl from Brooklyn to attend NY Fashion week, a dream that lived in purely abstract terms for so long. But there I was, standing before seat number 8, at row D, looking out upon the countless faces, the long illustrious runway, the pit of eager, almost hungry photographers waiting to pounce, flash bulbs capturing each delicious fashion moment. Mothers and daughters, corporate types, sophisticated women, dashing divas and darlings and downtown hipsters were among that many attending Tadashi Shoji's Spring 2012 collection. And as I watched the women wearing rouge blouses, cream colored heels, open back dresses, black minis and white lace, I realized I was about to witness a world like no other, a world of unadulterated self expression, impassioned beauty and ferocious audacity.

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  1. i remember, just last year, us talking about our dream to attend. i am so very happy + proud of you! maybe you will get to cover other fashion weeks! (hello? milan?)