Monday, September 26, 2011


Once again, The Sartorialist lends his brilliant photographic eye to depict real women wearing the most iconic jeans in the universe, Levi's. In an effort to document every day women rocking the brand's Curve ID style, Schuman photographs gorgeous women putting their take on how to wear jeans in flattering and sexy ways. I have to say that, as someone who is passionate about form-fitting, clean cut, ass flattering jeans, I am fascinated by the ways in which real women wear jeans that are actually flatter and fit their figure. I purchased my first pair of Levi's this summer and I have the say that the brand lives up to the hype. Every time I wear them, my husband comments on how fantastic I look, particularly from behind. And, they are the right length, the right fit, the right color and the right style. I appreciate not only the versatility of these jeans but how damn good I feel when wearing them. And will definitely consider diverse approaches portrayed by the many beautiful women gracing the pages of

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