Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fashion Week Festivities...,

I am deeply excited about NYC's Fashion's Night Out and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, both of which are bound to be an exceptionally strong, cohesive and beautiful displays of talent, insight, creativity and innovation. NYC streets will be filled with fashionable daredevils, akin to Mardi Gras at its best. Fashion Week will be host to some of the most magnificent fashion minds in existence. And what I find fitting is that this happens at the start of a new, and perfectly fabulous season of changing leaves and tides, and it signifies the return to school and the beginning of family traditions and gatherings. I look forward to the unexpectedness of it all and wait, with baited breath, for what is coming...

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  1. Love your photos, they serve me so well as an inspiration.
    Follow each other? :)