Saturday, September 24, 2011


Fendi, spring 2012

Prada, spring 2012

Miu Miu, spring 2012,,

Dresses are a unique, daring clothing choice. The fit, unlike most other clothing, is imperative. The lines, seams and puckers need to fall perfectly on a person in order to present the complete idea. The dresses that are on tap for the spring seem to be moving outside of the box; there is some interesting layering, some thoughtful shapes, long sleeves and the oh so flattering knee length. My hope is that these dresses can be transitional as well, serving to remind us that just because it is freezing outside, it doesn't mean we can't look pretty, feel feminine and add a little swirl to our day.

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  1. i was surprised to read that dresses were making a 'comeback' because for me, they never left. i love dresses and especially wearing them in the fall.

    btw, i need those miu miu booties. NEED.