Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Art of Fashion,

Street Fashion has always been of great interest to me. Perhaps it is because I spent my life in the fashion capital of the world, New York City, and have had the chance to sit in cafes and watch people as they pass, one more daring and elegant then the next. I think there is a significant place for fashion in our culture; it is a culture of art, design, aesthetic, and, sadly, excess. Materialism does not trump all these elements but it does stand at its precipice. In a perfect world, the greatest designers would charge little for their pieces because fabric, labor, shipping and the bottom line would mean less. I think the most frustrating part is that this art form, the art of dressing beautifully, thoughtfully and so very personally, has become an industry and a business. Sometimes, I wish the lens would widen and capture not only the business of fashion but take equal stock of the incredible individuality and craftsmanship that goes into making and dressing fabulous people. So for now, I happily sit and observe and participate in this creative genre as I would any other: with gusto.


  1. wow...was this before or after my question on fb? btw, last night's question + subsequent responses (combined with some late reading) has made me think about pursuing a master's in fashion studies/history of fashion. let's talk.


  2. nice pictures . frances