Friday, August 19, 2011

Paula Mendoza,

Hailing from Colombia, Paula Mendoza captures the power and essential beauty of each and every jewel that takes center stage in her pieces. Through thoughtful, strong and ambitious metal work, Mendoza's pieces are fashion forward, intelligent, stunning and provocative. I love the notion that "an accessory can change the way fashion is experienced. A jewel without which an attire would not have been the same.” Given my recent obsession with studying breathtaking accessories, it is clear that Mendoza takes her time with each piece, crafting the details intricately and daringly. I deeply appreciate when a designer is confident enough to be audacious, to make a statement and to create something exquisite that duplicates the beauty of the natural world in our every day lives. Mendoza is one of those designers and I will keep a watchful eye on her work.


  1. I love it, especially the first one. Great designer! :)

  2. I adore the first necklace!