Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CFDA Awards


The fashion industry can be just that: an industry. Often times, the allure of fashion is out shined by the corporatization of what is originally meant to be an idea, a spark of inspiration, a reflection of beauty or subtlety. I get frustrated by the obsessions with "brand names" and the branding process that detracts from the quiet refinement that comes in a tailored blouse or gown. When Prada decides to sell its shares to generate three million dollars in revenues by selling their stocks in Tokyo, something about the creative and innovative design gets lost in the somewhat excessive need for money. I was relieved to witness the CFDA awards from afar, as they attempted to revel in the elegance, style, design and craftsmanship that painstakingly goes into designing clothes. Not only were there moments of divine, perfect and quintessential artistry but there were smaller, more intimate moments shared as the nuances of fashion were celebrated. So hats off to those who recognized and celebrated the bliss of beautiful that permeated the skies over Lincoln Center this week.


  1. love your blog, i'm a mom, interested in fashion too... good to see another with a mind for more than diapers.
    keep up the good blogging!