Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alexander McQueen at the MET

I had the privilege of attending the incredible exhibit at the MET of Alexander McQueen's work entitled Savage Beauty. Beyond it being the most gorgeous exhibit I have ever seen, masterfully curated and meticulously designed, the work presented was deeply meaningful and resonated with McQueen's multifaceted artistic perspective. He is portrayed not only as a fashion and costume designer but also as a deeply conflicted soul whose vision of humanity, love, and politics were imbued into each and every piece he constructed. The designers work reflected his muddled and murky feelings about the universe. That is to say, McQueen grappled with the genuinely dark and deeply sad elements in the world while simultaneously embracing and celebrating the most beautiful, pristine and delicate moments in the human experience. I had a visceral reaction to the space, to the work and to the man as his spirit lingered in the space. This, I know, is what he aimed for as a designer, what he hoped for as an artist and what he dreamed of as a human being. The complexities of McQueen's work sparked a great deal of reflection. The beauty of life, the impermanence of life, the certainty and uncertainty of life was brought to light as we remember the precious artistry of Alexander McQueen.


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