Monday, April 11, 2011


Zara's Lookbook for the fall is outstanding. Often a hit or miss operation, I found myself having a hard time choosing which pictures I loved the most, which is sort of like being at a loss for words. And that does not happen often. Each and every piece was decidedly simple, chic and beautifully done. The pants have clean lines, flattering to all figures and are elegant. The color story is incredible and the design and cut of the blouses is near perfection. The white skirt is absolutely dashing and coupled with the camouflage slim fit jacket shows a real stroke of style genius. This bodes well for the fall; I will look damn good and not lose all the money in my pocket. Brilliant!


  1. Zara has so much great stuff in store atm!!

  2. It really is. I would like it all. Xxxx