Tuesday, April 5, 2011



While I love men in my personal life, I am more hesitant to love them in my fashion life. They are often clunky, overly done, too drastic in their choices or completely overstated. That is, of course, until I encountered Karl Edwin Guerre, fashion photographer and creator of the impressive fashion blog: swagger360.blogspot.com. His fashion sense is magnetic, supple and tasteful. He knows how to compose an outfit as much as he does a photograph and to see his work is a to see a piece of artistic expression in vivid, living color. What I find deeply remarkable is that I see that same artistry in his ensemble choices, which is no easy feat. To live and breath the swag as Mr. Guerre does validates all of his work as compositions of true and authentic beauty.

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  1. Indeed, he has great pictures and a fantastic style!
    Cool blog you have (: