Thursday, March 24, 2011


The greatest gift I have gotten in a while came in the form of the newest J. Crew catalog. Now, it is not a fashion secret that, since the appointment of Jenna Lyons as creative director, the brand has embarked upon an incredible aesthetic makeover. Jenna's style inclination is desirable and clear and represents the cutting edge, masculine meets feminine fashion explosion that we have seen hit the runways all the world over. That said, I was particularly smitten with these looks out of all the more mainstream design houses and companies that have crossed my path. Each and every piece, in addition to the genius styling approach that set a strong tone for this shoot, epitomizes the chic and subtle essence of spring in the life of J. Crew. The shoes, the color story, the fit and form of all the clothes mean something revolutionary is happening; something that can and does translate to the real lives of real women.

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