Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Street Style,

Street photographers from around the world have captured so many elegant, dynamic, bold and distinct fashionistas who emerged as the stars during Fashion Weeks all around the globe. While we love and dote on the fashion houses, their muses and, of course, their runway shows, I am consistently amazed by the inspiration walking the streets outside of the shows. The level of detail that gets captured in these photos is remarkable, breathtaking really. They tell an opulent and vivacious story in one solitary moment and at the same time, document what is most stunning about fashion: GENUINE INDIVIDUALITY. I applaud all women in the universe who follow their fashion hearts. It feels great to look as good on the outside as one feels on the inside.


  1. as always, you pick the best of the best. i had actually saved 2 of those pics when i saw them earlier -- the 2nd one b/c i am IN LOVE with that haircut and the 2nd to last one b/c she looks so comfortable.

    we need a fashion-related date soon!


  2. love all styles :)

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  5. Ahhh, LFW is just so awesome! I love the style pics you've selected! xxxx