Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boys will be boys


Men are foreign, strange creatures I have yet to figure out. Being married to one didn't offer too much clarity, though I love him nonetheless. Never was this feeling more evident then during my pregnancy with my son, who moved forcefully, clumsily and constantly in my stomach, reminding me each and every second of every day that I was, in fact, pregnant.

Men in fashion, however, are a bit more familiar to me. Like distant family members, we share the DNA that is defined by an appreciation of color, style and fit. These men see the world through a colorful lens and embrace clothing as elements and reflections of who they are and how they want to be perceived by the world. Men who can embody an essence, a feeling, a clear vision in their clothing are creative, thoughtful minds who share one of my greatest passions. Hats off to them!


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  2. Thank you!
    I'm glad that you liked the Scott's pic
    first guy on the right is one of my best ahah!
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